In December 2012 a group associated with 15 different European countries met in Paris.

Their aim:

To discuss ways of encouraging Social and Collaborative Enterprise.

This was the first meeting of the EU funded CASES project



Collaborative And Social EnterpriseS as a new model of economic activity and WORK opportunity 

The CASES initiative is associated with ideas known as ‘New Economics’

An example of these are in

From the ashes of the crash

published by the UK New Economics Foundation in 2009

This project aims to:

– Investigate the world of collaborative and social enterprise across Europe collecting some good practices;

– Build innovative educational tools, translated in different languages, such as e-book guide for start-up activities in order to provide information, support, guidance and resources;

– Provide opportunities, through study visits & on-site training, to engage in collaborative and social enterprises;

The meeting in Paris created several sub-groups.

Four partners, a sub group, are represented on this web site:  Lithuania, Iceland,  Portugal & the UK

Their concern:

environmentally appropriate energy production & rural development.

Each partner in the group is responsible for their own pages as well as contributing to the shared work of the sub-group & the partnership.

This site is dynamic, as the work progresses the web site will reflect the developing action

Clicking on the names below reveals the work of each partner in this sub-group:





The following links provide information about the development of the project across the whole partnership: http://www.e-

The project has been funded by the Leonardo Partnership Programme