The UK partner in the  CASES initiative is Pathways: Inspirational Development CIC.

The focus of Pathways ‘ work for the CASES Work project is rural development – emphasising Collaborative and Social Enterprise.

Pathways is based in Mid Wales. Many of its members are directly engaged in the wide range of community & environmental issues outlined on this web site.

In rural areas such as Mid Wales & the Welsh-English Border, working through social and collaborative actions has been important to community survival for many years.

These actions have grown through community need & also because the area has attracted groups and Individuals who have what is often called ‘alternative’ views regarding environmental, social & economic development.

The following pages provide background and information on an area within which Pathways is active at community level.

To view pages click on the links below

Mid Wales & the border

Mid Wales

Border background

More Background

The Evolving Present

Beyond Survival

Encouraging Romance

Green Tourism

Bishop’s Castle

Bishop’s Castle background

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